1. Llamas in Machu Picchu. Not their natural habitat but these guys seem to be doing ok. 

  2. Pumawanka Pass, 4,800m.

    Lares Trek

  3. With no running water or electricity, the Wasi is lit by candles and moonlight and watered by an Incan canal. 

  4. Mountain Range. 83s @ f/3.5 @ ISO 200 18mm

    Ollantaytambo, Perú. 

  5. Falling Stars at the Wasi. Ollantaytambo, Perú.

    21min @ f/5 ISO 100

  6. The Incas had amazing mountains to help them read constellations. 

    Ollantaytambo, Perú

  7. Glacier Lake Ipsaycocha

    Patacancha Valley, Perú

  8. Opening up the lens on this awesome high altitude grass/moss

    Above Ispaycocha

  9. Ipsaycocha, dry season

    Sacredy Valley, Perú

  10. A different kind of valley

    Hike to Ipsaycocha part II

  11. Llama Patacanchina

    Sacred Valley, Perú

  12. Madison, WI

    @ the Terrace overlooking Lake Mendota 

  13. Peru Rail through Ollantaytambo afternoon

  14. Altitude of 4,800m/16,000ft

    Pumawanka Pass

  15. Llama Land