1. Aguas Calientes

  2. Pisac Ruins

  3. Blue Sky at the Pisac Ruins

  4. Through the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo

  5. This is what a population of 2,500 people looks like. 

    Ollantaytambo, Perú.

  6. Night time in Ollantaytambo. Plaza de Armas.

  7. Cobblestonelandia, Ollantaytambo

  8. The Peruvians take their heritage very seriously. Each stone is clearly labeled and measured so that none go missing or are replaced.

  9. Hiking to Pumamarca, ancient Inca Fortress

  10. Weaving woman in Patacancha with her daughter. 

  11. Josefina at the top of the Moon Temple Hike. 

  12. Clash of Religions

    A Christian gathering on top of the Inca Temple of the Moon.

  13. Trekking to Ipsaycocha

  14. Bee collecting pollen at a chakra in Pumamarka

  15. Pinkuylluna, Ollantaytambo